Excellent for indoor and outdoor use, aluminum signs are durable, stylish and affordable. An aluminum sign is lightweight, making it easy to mount or hang. Aluminum is resistant to harsh weather (heat, humidity and snow) and naturally rust-proof, water-proof and chemically resistant.


ADA SIGNS (Americans with disabilities)

Many businesses today need to make sure their facilities are outfitted with ADA-compliant signs – not just because it’s the law, but to embrace all potential customers, including those with disabilities. Proper ADA signage can help to ensure your facilities are comfortable, safe and accessible to those who are visually impaired or have mobility issues.



3D letters can be used for signage on outdoor buildings, walls or entrance doorways. They are also great for reception signage, and many different interior options are available.

There are a variety of ways you can present 3D signs whether it is illuminated, multiple colours and shapes positioned on a solid background or even something as simple as 3D letters on a wall.



Deliver Great Results Enormously flexible in style and function, acrylic signage brings you the look you want with the functionality you expect.  The impression others have of your business improves as your brand identity is reinforced through professionally created frosted or clear acrylic signs & logos from Impact Signs.



Spice up your plain office or home walls with a customised digital print. Now your walls can take you wherever you want to go, full colour photographic images all completely digitally printed and finished to turn your room into a discussion point!



Printed on 13oz vinyl, they're finished with hems on all four sides. r sides to promote durability and include nickel grommets in all four corners and, depending on the size, every 19" - 36". . These features allow them to be put to use inside your company from almost the moment you unroll them out of the box.

With a smooth surface and high resolution graphics, these are ideal indoor banners. We provide hems and grommets, allowing them to be easily mounted wherever your business might need them.



We produce all types of window stickers and decals,  Inside or outside, reverse of face printed, matt or gloss finished and cut to any shape

Printed on a high quality latex machine. environmentally frinedly.  Ideal for application onto flat surfaces and can be applied internally and externally



Choose static cling window stickers for any promotion or special offer.  No glue to clean, No adhesive to remove. Static cling window stickers use just static from the surface of any window to hold them in place.

Static cling window stickers will make installing a removing promotions from your window easy. When the offer is over you can easily peel the decal away, with no fuss, no sticky residue and no effort. PLUS, you can also re-use it time and time again.



Vinyl floor graphics are designed to be heavy duty. They are made from a durable vinyl manufactured by world-renowned 3M. Plus, this vinyl comes in a broad range of standard colors. In addition, we are able to precisely match the colors of your floor decal to the company colors found on your other marketing materials.



Instead of blending in to a sea of booths, our trade show displays and signage help you stick out from the crowd. You can use our custom-designed indoor trade show displays to make the most professional looking exhibit you can find, at any price.

Drive more traffic to your trade show space or POP displays with one of our powerful, custom-designed display solutions. Each of our full-color displays is designed for maximum visibility, flexibility, and portability. Special lamination is applied to your booth or display so graphics can be rolled up for easy transport and will still always hang flat.


Not sure what kind of sign you need?

We will be happy to help you finding the right marketing sign for you business.



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